24-7 Private Vaults Clients

First, understand your assets are secure and are yours, 24/7 Vaults has declared bankruptcy and a court appointed trustee has been put in place, with the mandate to secure your items and identify your items. The court has drilled your vault with 24-7 Private vaults, in an attempt to do that, and we are now securing your valuables in our secure facility in your original bond box. In order to pick them up you will need to contact the Bankruptcy Trustee, Brian Shapiro at 386-8600, and arrange a time to come and pick up your things. You will need to scan in with your Iris scan and be willing to disclose what is in your box to the trustee and sign a declaration. You will need to sign an affidavit stating that you have picked up your things. In addition the court could charge a security fee of $100 for securing your valuables during this bankruptcy process, if they do, Vegas Vaults will be happy to waive 3 months of fees if you would like to continue to secure your things at Vegas Vaults.