1. How is my box secured?
    We have many security measures in place designed to safeguard your possessions: We are in a UL listed building with redundant power and systems, we have increased the physical security by adding steel and concrete throughout the walls, we are next door to the fraternal order of police officers meeting hall and directly in front of a fire station, we have biometrics that control access to our facility.
  2. What can I store in my box?
    You can store virtually anything you want to in your box except drugs, ammunition or explosives. We randomly run a dog through the facility weekly to check for these items. If they are found, the box will be immediately drilled and the contents turned over to the police.
  3. Are all of the boxes anonymous boxes?
    No we have both anonymous boxes as well as non-anonymous boxes. For those that would like to make it easier for children and estates to work with the box in the future we are happy to work with people on whichever basis they prefer.
  4. What makes you different from other Vault companies that have been in town in the past?
    For starters, everyone employed by The Vaults carries a current valid sheriffs card, issued by the Metropolitan Police Department. There are no felons working here. I don't know about you, but for me, that is a must. Some of these places are about the hype, they offered platitudes and used fear to induce a sale but really didn't have the substance and security measures in place that would actually protect your valuables. Come on a tour, ask us questions about the security, and I think you will see the difference between us and them, it is night and day.
  5. Do I get both the guard key and the box key when I get a security box from you?
    It depends. If the box is anonymous the answer is yes, if the box is non-anonymous the answer is "it depends". Do you want us to keep a guard key to allow others access that you designate and give your key? At the end of the day it is your call.
  6. When can I have access to my box?
    Anytime. We are always open and access is always granted.
  7. During what hours can I buy and set up a box?
    During normal business hours, you simply need to come in and set up a box. During off business hours you simply need to set up an appointment and one of our Managers will meet with you, answer your questions, and rent you the box.
  8. Can the courts lock down my box or seize my assets?
    In the case of an anonymous box we don't know you nor have any information on you so we would not be able to identify which box was yours. If the court was somehow able to show that they knew you had a box from files in your possession they could get a subpoena at that point.