Welcome to THE VAULTS

We welcome you to "The Vaults" at TSI. We are a private company specializing in securing your assets and giving you access to them at all hours, day or night. You have peace of mind knowing that the most sophisticated equipment and security is being used to protect your belongings, you no longer have to keep these valuables at your home and risk home invasions or the like. We have many different sizes of vaults available as well as safes. If you have some unique security needs please don't hesitate to ask, it is our goal to be the solutions to any of your security problems.

Why Us?

  • We are occupied 24/7 by security personnel
  • We have armed response to all incidence
  • We are available 24/7 for entry and business
  • We use state of the art biometric recognition
  • We have both Anonymous and Non-Anonymous capabilities.
  • We have been in the security industry for 20 years in the valley.

News & Happenings

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